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Without their Tool Box Truck Suppliers, most contractors couldn’t survive. However, owning tool boxes for vehicles is okay even if you are not a contractor. In fact, you can clear out your cab and transport your gear in a weather-tight toolbox for as little as $300 on certain models.

There are many different kinds of tool boxes available for vehicles, such as a stainless-steel chest with two covers or a tray that is resistant to rust and the elements. However, there are numerous aspects that are crucial for establishing an organizational system. Moreover, it works for your truck rather than choosing at random.

What To Think About Before Purchasing Truck Tool Boxes?

When looking for truck tool boxes, there are a few extra factors to take into account that might not be as crucial when looking for a handheld portable version.

Size and measurements

Every brand and model of vehicle and truck bed will have somewhat different measurements. Not all trucks are created equal. Always take measurements before making a purchase, and make sure the truck toolbox is under consideration. They should be appropriate for your car and not just made for a different model.


Toolboxes placed in an open truck bed should be made of weatherproof materials like aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. However, if in-cab storage is your goal, canvas, reinforced textiles, and lightweight plastics can be the ideal fit.

Examine the different seals and weather-resistant coatings that each box has so that you are fully aware of what to expect before making a purchase.

Either Removable or Fixed

If portability and accessibility are your top priorities and detachable truck toolboxes are fantastic. However, fixing tool boxes with a kit adds durability and some built-in organizing, making them a more permanent fixture.

To keep valuables left behind safe, many boxes also have theft-prevention features, including tamper-resistant construction and locks.

Choose a Style

Cross boxes, sometimes known as saddle boxes and chests, are the two primary types of tool boxes for trucks. Due to their popularity and ease of installation, cross boxes are the subject of our attention.

Additionally, sheet goods can be slid underneath it, allowing you to access your tools from the side of the truck.

First, Respond to The Security Question

The ideal option if you plan to store valuables in your toolbox is a premium box. It should have latches, a reinforced lid, and robust sidewalls. However, there are many options available for tool boxes for trucks if all you want to do is shield your tools from the outdoors.

Examine The Weather Resistance.

The majority of truck tool bins are rather effective at keeping rainfall out. However, to keep out blowing snow and sand, you’ll need sturdier hinges, locks, and weather stripping.

Think About Convenience

Your tools can fit in any package. But what determines whether you like it or not is how simple it is to open and close. All operational aspects, such as opening, shutting, lock, and latch performance, come together under the convenience category.

The following is how we ranked convenience:

A good lock should function without difficulty. We reduced the convenience grade if the lock required more force to open or needed regular adjustment.

The lid should be quickly opened by gas lifts. We detracted points if they expressed weakness or requested assistance. We reduced the rating if we had to exert a lot of force to latch the lid.

Pick the Substance

When it comes to strength and “break-in” security, nothing rivals a steel box. But if you reside in a northern or coastal area where there is road salt or salt spray, take caution. Once the paint begins to nick, the war against rust will never cease.

Because it doesn’t rust, people use aluminum widely. A similar steel box weighs almost 50 lbs. more than an aluminum one. So, when you need the entire bed, it’s simpler to remove. Of course, you may choose a plastic box if all you need is a cheap container to hold items like jumper cables and tie-downs.

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