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Are you a chocolate lover or seeking out the best wholesale Cocoa Beans Suppliers in the USA? Well, your search is going to be more manageable now. GA Trading Netherlands is one of the top cocoa bean exporters in the USA with a long-lasting experience in the fields of trade, production, and wholesale supply of cocoa beans. We are a sustainable cocoa beans supplier a successful company in this ethical world that aims to connect to the passion in order to preserve the delicate aroma of freshly produced cocoa followed by its exclusive flavors that inspire the youth.

We started working as a wholesale supplier that seeks to make a difference in the cocoa world. The sole idea of initiating this production was to create a unique experience on every cocoa bean batch by availing the benefits of the finest cocoa beans produced across the USA.

Certified Wholesale USA Cocoa Beans Supplier

According to the statistics, in 2017, the production of cocoa determined an overproduction along with a decrease in prices as well. The overproduction of such products makes the country’s deforestation worse.

To avoid such highlighted problems, we implemented the labeling and certified product practices that automatically lead to a much more sustainable culture for the cocoa bean. We are the Wholesale USA Cocoa Beans exporter that are certified and reliable.

How Are Cocoa Beans Produced Here?

At GA Trading Netherlands, we work to produce cocoa beans in a bulk quantity, which consists of an unfermented, partially fermented, and fermented mix of dried cocoa. Our professionally trained farmers source the raw cocoa from minor farm areas across the regions, and every farmer ferments the beans individually.

These beans come from unripe fruits sometimes, and the farmers only work to harvest the cocoa once a month. They cut the ripened fruit before the animals reach their cocoa. The majority of bulk cacao comes from several varieties grown for their better yield and larger bean size rather than flavor.

Once we’re done with obtaining the raw material, our team starts the roasting process that is diligently done to ensure the best cocoa production and flavor to the customers.

Buy 100% Natural Cocoa Beans Produced by The Professional Team in the USA

Cocoa is the key ingredient used in the most popular sweets. Like many other places, people love consuming cocoa in the USA as well. Our production of beans is known for its natural and top quality.

We have an experienced, collaborative, and loyal team. They are trained professionals that mainly focus on the values of customers. Our team builds long-term relationships that strive hard enough to understand and cater to customers’ needs. We believe in constantly progressing our performance and production of cocoa beans by improving the quality of our product.

Enjoy Phenomenal Quality Cocoa Beans

Cacao beans provide three times the number of antioxidants as red wine and three times the number of antioxidants as green tea. Cacao beans are also a rich source of minerals. To preserve its natural antioxidants and mineral content, we provide a guarantee to give the phenomenal quality of   Cocoa beans Suppliers throughout the USA.

Enjoy our natural and aromatic cocoa beans in the purest form harvested directly from the best farm sources around the country.

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