Scrap Metal Supplier in USA

Well-Known Metal Scrap Suppliers in USA

GA Trading started its scrap business years ago; since then, we have been a successful Scrap Metal Supplier in USA as a high-grade quality products that we deliver to various buyers worldwide. Our main aim is to work worldwide while protecting the global environment. We have attained such a piece of excellent knowledge and experience about metal scrap and proceed to sell at the best price.

We solely deal with ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals that is initially obtained from manufacturers. They produce good quality scrap metal. Then, after a long inspection process, our skilled workers sort the bulk quantities of product into batches that is then further exported to the industrial buyers present throughout the states. Our company offers endless customer service to our loyal customers.

GA Trading Netherlands is a scrap materials exporter company that offer quality scraps to the scrap dealers globally. We offer non ferrous metals i.e., non ferrous scrap along with plastic scraps other scrap metals. Our foundry of ferrous and alloys is the top most leading platform in the region.

What Makes Our Scrap Metal Business Unique?

Scrap Metals

With a well-established global footprint, GA Trading has exposure and access to some major markets, geographies, and commodities. Our suppliers have easy access to obtain raw materials utilized in a number of manufacturing processes makes us one of the most preferred suppliers globally. We source different grades of scrap metal, including ferrous and non-ferrous, from our wide pattern of other regions.

Moreover, as a traditional member of the scrap industry, we’re also working to reduce carbon emissions of metal scrap as a raw product. We are able to supply top-grade products with assured quality, timely delivery, and clear paperwork. The recycling of scrap metal and non ferrous scrap is converted into ferrous scrap or non ferrous metals that are used by multiple businesses. We also work on quality control in the steel mills producing steel.

Our company ensures top-notch customer service. Also, the scrap metals are of that we deliver in USA and other countries. Moreover, our prices are affordable and competitive towards different companies. We have experienced exporter partners, who start from packaging of quality products and end their work on supplying non ferrous things worldwide.

Services Offered by Our Merchants in Supplying Scrap

Our Metal Scrap Suppliers in the USA classify and collect junk through shears, balers, and shredders from different domestic auto-shredders. Our exporters sell the raw materials to both domestic and international consumers in USA in order to meet the demands of our valuable customers.

We work with clients from all industries and supply metal scrap in various formats, shapes, or sizes. They purchase this pocket-friendly metal scrap from our trusted suppliers in the desired quantities to fulfill their requirements. India has many big industries for scrap items which directly obtain the raw product from North America’s premier processors.

Aluminum Scrap

We also deal in ferrous and steel with other companies and being an exporter, we always provide market leading ferrous for electronics. Our USA exporters work 24/7 in Florida, China, and other states worldwide.

To contact our ferrous supplier, you can visit our website. Moreover, our alloys can be useful for several applications. In India, alloys have been sourced for multiple uses.

Reasons To Choose Us as A Trusted Supplier

  1.     Integrity:

You can expect competitive pricing, timely payment, accurate weighing, and complete transaction transparency when working with GA Trading Metal Scrap Suppliers in the USA.

  1.     Comprehensive Solutions:

We offer personalized recycling programmers and support adapted to your company’s needs, based on our vast understanding of all recyclable materials and time-tested operational efficiencies. Our non ferrous scrap like aluminum scrap and plastics are preferred by everyone.

Our USA exporters keep a constant eye on the national and worldwide markets, giving our customers a professional advantage in making informed decisions.

  1.     Dedicated Customer Service:

Our committed customer care team is here to assist our partners with any inquiries or concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week which you can contact any time. Our company ensure to provide ferrous solutions such as metal, aluminum, and steel.

  1.     Extensive Material Handling Capabilities:

We have a wide range of skills and decades of experience that enable us to provide efficient storage, removal, and material handling at a cheap cost.

  1.     Advanced equipment and technology:

We have a large inventory of top-of-the-line equipment and technology, allowing us to process your junk in such a way that each commodity’s worth is maximized.

  1.     Negotiable Prices:

Our exporters in USA make long-term relations ships with our valuable clients by offering them such prices which are negotiable and affordable for them.  Also, we deal in good prices for ferrous items along with aluminum and other metal excluding steel.

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