Ox Gallstones Wholesale Exporter

Ox Gallstones Exporter Wholesale In The USA

Are you looking for the best and most reliable Ox Cow Gallstones Wholesale Supplier around you? Then you have found one! GA Trading Netherlands is a high-quality fitness supplement wholesale distributor with excellent customer service. We are one of the leading and most experienced suppliers in the ox gallstones industry.

Our team adheres to all export laws and regulations worldwide and delivers high-quality fitness equipment. We have a high-quality range of products that ensure we produce only premium quality gallstones free from defects. With our high-quality ox gallstones exporter, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied.

What Are Ox Gallstones?

Ox Gallstones are hard crystalline masses that develop in the gallbladder or bile ducts due to bile pigments, calcium, and cholesterol in the digestive fluids. During the bile extraction process, they’re usually removed in a slaughterhouse. 

Ox Gallstones can take many different forms and sizes. They might be circular, egg-shaped, square, pyramid-shaped, or tube-shaped and can come from the bile ducts. Dryness, color, texture, size, and whole and fractured fragments all influence the value of particular stones. 

The most valuable specimens are whole, smooth, glossy, and golden. Dark and pitted stones and those with calcium inclusions (white) have a lower value.

Our partner manufacturers follow this process for the production of high-quality gallstones. Many bovines experience gallstone development, depending primarily on their age and diet. In essence, they are found in the gallbladder. There are many different types of cattle, and depending on the country, it may include cows, oxen, bulls, buffaloes, zebus, bison, yaks, and gaurs. 

Specification of Ox Gallstones

Our Ox Gallstones Wholesale Supplier comes with the following characteristics:

  •         A light yellow, golden, or orange color is in exceptionally high demand.
  •         Zarge stones that are well-dried
  •         Not less than 35% of the total bilirubin
  •         Additionally, dark stones will be purchased but at significantly reduced costs.

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