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When you buy your favorite batch of prawns from Wholesale Frozen Prawns Suppliers, it is important to know how you can properly cook them. Prawns or other seafood require special instructions to make them taste even better.

Before cooking prawns, it is good to defrost them. Actually, choosing between frozen and fresh prawns is a simple process. Most of the fresh shrimp or prawns you see in the market that they freeze for a few days to several months (unless you have access to the sea and know a really good seafood vendor you can trust).

Different Methods to Defrost the Frozen Prawn:

Method # 1 In cold water:

  1. Add two teaspoons of salt into 4 cups of cold water (enough to completely submerge the prawns).
  2. Take the frozen prawns out of the package and let them thaw thoroughly for 15 to 20 minutes in the cold brine.
  3. Use the prawns after draining the liquid.

The prawns defrost more rapidly and uniformly in the cold water, and the salt in the water gives them greater taste and juiciness. Additionally, since this is a one-time procedure, you may prepare the rest of the ingredients for supper.

While the frozen prawns soak in the cold-water salt water, just be sure to regulate the amount of salt in your dish to prevent it from becoming overly salt.

Method # 2 In Polythene Bag

  1. Transfer the frozen prawns to a polybag by punching a few holes in it.
  2. To fully defrost, submerge the bag in a bowl of water for 15 to 20 minutes.

GA Trading Netherlands suggests this fantastic way to defrost prawns. It functions much in the same way as Method #1. The prawns can be in contact with water without being entirely submerged because of the pores in the polybag.

Method # 3 In Running water

  1. In this method, you have to remove the frozen prawns from the package and place them in a colander or big sieve.
  2. You will then completely defrost the prawns by placing the colander under running water for a few minutes. Then rotate the prawns around so that the water covers them evenly.

Although this method also works very well, people prefer not to use it because there is significant water waste in this situation. While defrosting, hot or warm water can also unevenly cook the prawns, producing an unappealing dish.

Method 4 In Refrigerator

  1.     Put frozen prawns in an airtight container.
  2.     To thaw them, put the container in the fridge for eight hours or overnight.
  3.     Before using them, rinse them with cold water.

In restaurants and hotels, they use this technique most frequently to defrost frozen prawns, shrimp, or other shellfish.

Well, if you are creating a prawn dish for a party or know you will have friends around. It is an amazing trick to thaw or defrost your prawns by the time you are ready to cook. Just keep in mind that the ideal amount of time to let prawns or shrimp defrost in the refrigerator is 8 hours.

Can We Thaw or Defrost Prawns or Other Shellfish in A Microwave?

The answer is a straight NO. The reason is quite obvious as a microwave essentially warms up the interior while defrosting anything. It is fine if you have cooked food.

Otherwise, it’s crucial that the defrosting procedure not cook raw prawns or shellfish. When the exterior layer gets heat and the interior layer is frozen, the meat can become partially cooked. A dish that has been cooked unevenly as a result.

That is why professionals never recommend cooking frozen prawns without first thawing them because this results in overcooking. Again, this is crucial to ensuring that your prawns are tender, juicy, and properly cooked.

The thawed prawns cannot be safely refrozen. Refreezing thawed prawns causes cell breakdown, removes moisture, and alters the protein’s structural integrity. The fact that thawed food microorganisms more quickly than fresh food is another factor.

You need to select the best preparation guide for frozen prawns, and for buying, you can select Frozen Prawns Suppliers. They are good in taste and of high quality. 


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