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Finding out a top-quality Frozen Chicken Exporter? The idea that frozen meat contains fewer nutrients than fresh meat is somewhat of an urban legend. But there has been a lot of discussion on this subject recently. This gathered information is to determine the accuracy of this claim in order to determine which is the healthier chicken. Fresh or frozen?

Freezing Is Not All Same

While it is true that when you freeze and pack the fresh chicken, it may lose some of its nutrients. This nutritional loss happens in a very less amount. Some people think that buying fresh chicken and freezing it at home will help it keep its high nutritional content for a longer period of time.

However, the goal and intention of freezing the meat at home are only to keep frozen foods cold. This is not to actually freeze meals. Moreover, home-frozen chicken may be less nutrient-dense than chicken frozen by poultry suppliers in Brazil. Fresh chicken flesh is frozen over a relatively long period of time, which causes ice crystals to develop between the meat fibers. Also, this draws out healthy liquids.

Nutrients Level

In reality, there isn’t much of a nutritional difference between fresh and properly frozen chicken. Chicken is typically a healthier alternative to red meats like hog or beef because it has less saturated fat, whether it is fresh or frozen.

In addition, chicken is a great source of nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins A, B, and K, and niacin. It also contains minerals like selenium, all of which are crucial for the health of your cells and the maintenance of your immune system.

There is a misconception that frozen meat goes through processing, which often adds unhealthily high amounts of salt and other preservatives. It may also contribute to the idea that fresh chicken flesh is healthier than frozen chicken meat.

Although commercially, saline solution is present in frozen chicken by injecting them with a high salt concentration. The frozen chicken actually does not need any preservatives because its low temperatures stop the growth of microorganisms that cause rot.

Before purchasing their products from supermarkets, it is always a good idea to verify the ingredient and nutrition labeling or conduct some basic research on the poultry or fresh chicken source.

Difference Between Fresh and Frozen

It’s important that we understand the differences between the frozen and fresh chicken. As chicken is the most widely available meat everywhere in the world that people consume.


The duration of storage is the primary distinction between the fresh and frozen chicken. At the same time, you can store frozen chicken in your freezer for several months. On the other hand, you should only keep the fresh chicken in the refrigerator for two days at most before eating it.

Moreover, you can freeze fresh chicken at home to extend its shelf life. It may cause the chicken meat to lose a considerable amount of its nutritional value.

Therefore, fresh chicken can be more practical if you intend to eat the chicken the same day you buy it because you won’t have to take the time to thaw it. The better option is to purchase frozen chicken if you are unsure of when you will consume it or if you do not plan to make many journeys to the grocery store.


The texture of cooked chicken may be another difference between the fresh and frozen chicken. Any texture variations, however, are just a result of how you defrost the frozen chicken flesh. If you thaw the chicken meat too quickly, it will lose its ability to absorb moisture. It forms melting ice crystals and will consequently become harsher and dryer when cooked.

In your refrigerator, letting frozen chicken gently thaw can help the meat retain moisture from melting ice crystals. Also, it retains the texture of the meat when cooked.

Buy Frozen Chicken from Brazilian Chicken Suppliers

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