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Tractors are powerful, slow-moving machines widely used in agriculture, construction, and mining. Massey Ferguson Tractors first appeared in 1957, with the company’s producers releasing new versions each year. Even with its extensive history, it’s understandable to have some concerns before purchasing one. So, Are Massey Ferguson tractors worth investing?

Tractors made by Massey Ferguson are excellent, and they are dependable, simple to maintain, and long-lasting. While some models are taller than others, they are still eye-catching additions to any farm’s inventory.

Massey Ferguson is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery used by the US military and various farming businesses across the world. There are hundreds of MF tractors on the market, each providing a different function. Massey Ferguson tractor suppliers have elaborated essential details about the Massey Ferguson tractors to help farmers make a wise buying decision. 

Who manufactures Massey Ferguson tractors?

Massey Ferguson tractors are made by Massey Ferguson Limited, a subsidiary of AGCO, a full-service agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Georgia, United States. Sub-Compact, Compact, Utility, Mid-Range, and High Horsepower Row Crop tractors are among the Massey Ferguson tractors available.

AGCO also makes agricultural tools such as sprayers, tillage equipment, combines, implements, hay tools, replacement components, and tractors. The firm, which first appeared on the scene in 1990, also sells Fendt, Valtra, and Challenger items. AGCO is a well-known name in the agricultural products market, with a presence in over 140 countries worldwide.

Are Massey Ferguson tractors reliable?

When determining a tractor’s quality, several elements come into play. The same can be said for Massey Ferguson tractors. Efficiency, durability, design, construction, and even warranty are all factors to consider when deciding to invest. Gatradingnetherlands Massey Ferguson tractor added that the criteria of any good tractor should be productivity, dependability, optimal performance, and ease. Massey Ferguson tractors fit the requirements perfectly as they offer exceptional adaptability, performance, and durability.

  • Adaptability

You get a lot of bang for your buck with Massey Ferguson. Depending on your farm’s demands, there are several series and models to pick from. Even the tiny and utility tractors perform so well that one would think they were high-horsepower vehicles. 

The Massey Ferguson 7700S Series tractor, which has a power rating of 200–215 horsepower, is a suitable example. The engines are equipped with cutting-edge technical elements to help your agricultural operation run smoothly and efficiently. Electronic engine management, a turbocharger, four-valve cylinders, and high-pressure fuel injection are all available. The engines also fulfill Tier 4-interim pollution requirements with features like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and clean-air technology, 

With most Massey Ferguson models, fuel efficiency is no more a tension for the drivers. The improved four-cylinder engines ensure that your tractor uses the least amount of gasoline possible while in operation. SCR technology also allows you to achieve double-optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Sturdiness 

Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT Transmission system is one of the greatest transmission alternatives available. This gearbox has additional operating speeds used without stepping on the clutch pedal. The Dyna-VT Transmission is unique in that it has fewer components than other transmission alternatives. As a result, the machine is less prone to damage and wear, resulting in increased durability.

Different maintenance-free components are available on Massey Ferguson tractors, such as the 770S Series. As a result, farmers never have to worry about those components breaking down. In addition, the engine has a maintenance period of 600 hours, and that’s more than 25 days of continuous use until you have to pay for it.

  • Cabin design 

An experienced tractor driver realizes how significant the cab design is. For the sake of ease, farmers prefer tractors with enough space, and Massey Fergusson tractors, in general, provide that space. The cab has a large amount of glass, which improves visibility. There are also other mount choices to select from, including rigid, hydraulic, and spring-shock suspension.

A Visio roof is available, which provides a good view of the loader. This capability is especially important for tasks like truck loading and bale stacking. Also, a big dashboard that displays all of the tractor’s activities is available. It can also be used as a console, controlling basic tasks. The console’s tidy layout is also a plus.

  • Less susceptible to damage 

A simple glance at any Massey Ferguson tractor conveys the impression of a well-built machine. Despite the fact that the company has been there for decades, it continues to produce tractors with excellent build quality and construction. A solid metal hood is included in some versions, which is significantly more durable than plastic hoods, and they are also less vulnerable to harm. 

  • Assurance and assistance 

Many of us overlook the importance of product warranties. But when a new tractor develops a defect, it can rapidly become critical. A two-year/2,000-hour complete warranty is included with Massey Ferguson tractors. In addition, a broad network of Massey Ferguson tractor suppliers and distributors worldwide are providing full assistance at any time. 

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