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Tractors are crucial to farmers and their fields because they make labor easier, simpler, and faster. Massey Ferguson is the world’s largest tractor manufacturer. It was founded in Canada, but after being bought by AGCO, it relocated its headquarters to the United States. These vehicles are heavy-duty and built to last; even the company’s secondhand tractors are reliable and durable.

Massey Fergusson tractors are high-yielding tractors that provide more and better outcomes. Massey Ferguson tractors are also developed with new technology integrated into the characteristics of the tractor types. MF tractors are pretty capable, with specific features of excellent quality. Farmers are continuously looking for Massey Ferguson tractors for high and better productivity. Farmers prefer Massey Ferguson Tractors because of their affordable pricing and superior output.

Massey Ferguson tractor suppliers have picked five tractors regarded as the finest at what they do and are also popular among farmers.

  • The Massey Ferguson 5455

The Massey Ferguson 5455 loader tractor was introduced in 2003 and remained in production until 2013. Models are available with either a high visibility steep nose’ or an imposing square nose bonnet.

The Massey Ferguson 5455 was an instant hit in the United Kingdom. Operators are well taken care of with industry-leading low noise levels in the cab and well-placed ergonomic controls. A Power Control, multi-plate wet clutch is standard on most Massey Ferguson 5455 tractors, and this allows for a clutchless direction change in both forward and backward directions. There is also a simpler dry plate mechanical clutch available.

The Massey Ferguson 5455 began with 100 horsepower and has continuously increased in power as specifications have improved, from 112 horsepower to 125 horsepower. Later versions incorporate the Dyna-4 gearbox, which allows for four full powershift changes while on the road, a popular feature seen on the 5455’s larger siblings, the Massey Ferguson 6200 and 6400.

Massey Ferguson tractor distributors believe that the 5455 is a popular choice among farmers. Its familiar cab, layout, controls, and robust engines make it a popular choice for people who want to hop in quickly and get the work done.

  • The Massey Ferguson 4255

The 4255 was one of the final Massey Ferguson models made at the legendary Banner Lane facility in Coventry, which closed in 2002 after nearly 60 years of producing tractors.

Due to its 4-cyl Perkins engine, the Massey Ferguson 4255 fights above its weight. Even with a plow upfront, visibility is excellent, and the 4255 is capable of pulling everything you need.

Recalled models featured improved oil coolers and filters throughout manufacture between 1997 and 1999. The Massey Ferguson 4255 is a yard workhorse that can stack, feed, spread, and tow a livestock trailer.

  • Massey Ferguson 6480

From 2003 until 2009, Massey Ferguson produced 6480 tractors. As a standard feature, there is a power increase. From 2007 onwards, a new Tier 3 Perkins standard rail engine was installed, which increased fuel economy. A SisuDieseld engine with 147 horsepower was available starting in 2011.

The Massey Ferguson 6480, the most popular model in the line, is a quiet tractor that sold well to farmers and contractors alike, resulting in a thriving secondhand market with plenty of alternatives to fit all budgets and purposes.

  • The Massey Ferguson 6490

The Massey Ferguson 6490, the older sister of the 6480, debuted in 2004 and was an instant hit, lasting in production until 2012. The whole 6400 line has long been recognized for its build quality, with lots of power and a pleasant, well-designed ride owing to pneumatic cab suspension.

According to gatradingnetherlands, the manufacturer’s warranty for Massey Ferguson 6490s was five years and 6,000 hours. This means that many used vehicles will come with a complete dealer service history and a high level of long-term dependability, especially on models with greater mileage.

The newer 6490s feature six powershifts per range, whereas the earlier ones have four. The type can handle the most difficult transport duties, including enormous muck spreaders, tankers, and big square balers.

  • Massey Ferguson 5460

Between 2008 and 2013, the Massey Ferguson 5460 was produced in France as part of the 5400 series. The Massey Ferguson 5460 is a powerful machine that can handle a wide range of yard duties. The 5460 is also suitable for towing a dump truck, baling, and muck spreading.

For increased dependability, look for a Sisu engine model on the secondhand market and wet clutch versions built after 2008. The 5400 series has an excellent loader reputation, and the 5460 is regarded as a very multipurpose vehicle.


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